COMING IN APRIL- An exciting new book from John Reisinger

The great structures of the world have stories to tell and secrets to reveal. Here is the inside story of the people, the conflicts, the intrigues, and the events behind some of the world’s most iconic structures…and some you have probably never heard of. You’ll learn:

-Why the Great Wall of China cannot be seen from the moon.

-How the Eiffel Tower defeated the Nazis.

-Why, except for a postage stamp, the Panama Canal might have been built in Nicaragua.

-How balloons were used to construct Disney World.

-Why a Mexican empress once lived in a castle in a botanical garden in Belgium.

-Why one of the world’s biggest hotels has never had a guest.

-Why the famous wooden Bridge on the River Kwai was made of steel and was not actually on the River Kwai.

-Why an iconic New York skyscraper was once in imminent danger of collapse.

-Why the Statue of Liberty has relatives in Egypt.

You never really know a structure until you know the stories behind it. 

Here is a video trailer for the book.

And  here is a short interview I did about the book for the local TV show Delmarva Life

That takes care of structures and secrets, but what about the rest of the website?

Here at johnreisinger.com. you can discover some of the lesser known but fascinating real-life people, places and events. Fiction can be unbelievable, but it’s got nothing on reality! Remember….

“Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to be believable, but truth doesn’t.”-Unknown

My name is John Reisinger. I live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and I write about real-life people, places, and events because I believe fiction can be exciting, inventive, and entertaining, but for really incredible and unbelievable tales, you just can’t beat fact. That’s why I write books that are either factual ,or based on real events, real people or real places. How about these for real life?

-A detective who produced a last minute confession to the Lindbergh kidnapping just days before someone else was scheduled to be executed for the crime.

-A POW escape and manhunt…in Canada

– A French invasion of Mexico during our Civil War, and their installation of an Austrian as the Emperor of that country

-A lighthouse keeper found dead in his lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay, but the blood on the floor belonged to someone else.

-A shipwrecked Spaniard who became a Mayan war chief in the 1500s.

And a lot more.
There are plenty of strange and fascinating events to write about and that’s what I do. I write about real events because truth really is stranger than fiction.

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And, here is an interview I did on Delmarva Public Radio. (My section is the second half, starting at 31.30.)