Deep in the heart of forensics

Several years ago while researching follow-up to Master Detective, we went to the annual conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in San Antonio, Texas. Even for people who have seen too much CSI on television, the conference was overwhelming. In addition to some of the forensic superstars such as Dr. Henry Lee, the place was packed with vendors selling everything from forensic equipment to chemicals for testing blood in urine. One company even manufactured plastic bones for use in teaching and for television props.

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Our hotel was right next to the Alamo and just a block away from the famous River Walk. Some miles outside of town however, was a more unusual site but not many tourists see; the original movie set for the movie The Alamo starring John Wayne. This set including the nearby town seen in the movie was built on a dusty ranch, and is open to a rather sparse flow of visitors daily.

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Most of the set is beginning to show its age. The Adobe walls were actually built of wood frame and plywood with Adobe/plaster slapped onto it and big pieces are falling away. Of course all the actors are long gone and the place was deserted but that gave it even more of a haunted feeling. Here is a picture of us at the set with some Mexican soldiers I Photoshopped into the background.


Remembering the Alamo