The Not-So-Great Gatsby

High Times and Low Crimes
Why you can never have too many Flappers


My granddaughter made the mistake of saying “Hey, I hear you’re doing some sort of talk. Can I came along?”

What’s more fun than book promotion? Book promotion while dressed up in a silly costume! (So what did you expect…dignity?) I gave a talk at the Talbot County Library on The Roaring 20s: High Times and Low Crimes to promote the Max Hurlock Roaring 20s Mysteries. Sabine, the library lady urged me to dress the part, so I turned up looking like The Godfather meets Guys and Dolls. Next to me is my granddaughter Kristin, who made the mistake of politely asking about my talk and wound up as part of the program. As I told the audience, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the 1920s, it’s that you can never have too many Flappers! The talk was recorded for local public TV and a good time was had by all, although nobody actually danced the Charleston.


Waiting to make a grand entrance. Boop boop be doop.