The Duckworth Dossier

More of the adventures of the Chesapeake Bay’s most remarkable duck and his unlikely pals.

This time, Duckworth and his pal Chuck Duck met up with a weasel with a mysterious alligator stone. Then they set off for Crisfield to look for pearls in the oyster shells, and got back just in time to solve the mystery of the missing frog. Then Duckworth and Danielle Featherby met a singing cicada and had to work together to outsmart the peanut butter and jelly fish. When last seen, Duckworth and his friends were heading off to far-away places, riding on the biggest balloon in the world.
That’s life for Bosley J. Duckworth, the most remarkable duck on the Chesapeake Bay. And to think that it all started with Mrs. Spudwell’s famous chicken-fried, five spice, three bean, deep dish. Oyster-fritter casserole.
As Old Webfoot always says, life can get weird when you’re a duck.
You can read all about Duckworth and his friends in The Duckworth Papers and The Duckworth Dossier, available on Amazon. You’ll also meet Shelby the racing turtle, Phineas Frogg, Pierre and MacKensie the Canadian geese, and some very shifty seagulls. It’s just the thing to read when you fly south for the winter.

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