Giving my regards to Broadway


Left to right: Producer Charlie Fink, Jim Fisher, author of The Lindbergh Case, John Reisinger, author of Master Detective, and Michael Ogborn, Baby Case writer

Can a national tragedy become an award winning Broadway production? In the case of the Lindbergh kidnapping, the answer is yes. Baby Case, winner of four Barrymore awards in Philadelphia, including best musical production, opened for a limited engagement in New York on July 16th. As part of a preview event held on 42nd street in New York’s theater district as part of the New York Musical Theater Festival, I was invited to be part of a wide-ranging panel discussion about the infamous case. Also on the panel were Jim Fisher, former FBI agent and author of The Lindbergh Case, Charlie Fink, the show’s producer, and Michael Ogborn, the show’s writer. The discussion followed a preview of excerpts from the show and covered the facts of the case, the personalities of those involved, and the role of the media in the tragic events.
The discussion was stimulating, and I was very impressed with how Baby Case treats the material in a way that is clever and entertaining, yet respectful of the events and personalities involved.(The fact that the actors all had superb voices didn’t hurt, either.) They showcased each character and what part that person played in the tragedy. The people responsible for the production really did their homework and were true to the facts without either sensationalizing the case, or treating it lightly. If you get a chance to see Baby Case, don’t miss it.


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