Death on a Golden Isle

Death crashes the party on America’s most exclusive island club for millionaires. Max Hurlock is hired by the widow to find the truth about who murdered her husband, but all the evidence seems to point to her. But one unanswered question keeps nagging at Max. If Bradley Dawkins was killed by poison in his coffee, why was his dying word “cocoa?”

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The members of the Jekyll Island Club of the Georgia coast are among the richest and most influential people in America.

Could one of them be a killer? The dead body on the veranda at the club dance would seem to say yes. Now it’s up to Max Hurlock to dig out the truth from people who are reluctant to tell it, and who have the power to shut him out. If he fails, his client will hang for killing her husband. And while Max struggles to get answers, and Allison navigates the club’s social mine field, Clarice Bailey, the club’s beautiful femme fatal is making a play for Max! Or does she have other motives?